Iñaki Aldasoro

Ph.D. Economics. Banking, Macroeconomics, Networks, Systemic Risk, Financial Stability.

About Me

I work as an Economist at the Bank for International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland. (Disclaimer: this is my private site, the views expressed here are my own and not those of the BIS).

My research interests revolve around banking, macroeconomics, systemic risk, interbank networks and financial stability. You can find my CV here, and my BIS profile here.

Ph.D. in Economics – Goethe University Frankfurt (2015); M. Sc. in Economics – University of Buenos Aires (2011); Advanced Studies Program – Kiel Institute for the World Economy (2009); Licentiate in Economics – University of Buenos Aires (2006)

Bank for International Settlements (10/2016-present); European Systemic Risk Board (09-12/2015, 04-08/2016); International Monetary Fund (07-09/2013); European Central Bank (01-06/2013); Goethe University Frankfurt (06/2012-06/2016); Bruegel (09/2009-08/2010); M&S Consultores (07/2006-05/2008); FIEL (02/2005-06/2006)



with I. Alves (ECB)


with D. Delli Gatti (U. C. Sacro Cuore Milan) & E. Faia (Goethe University Frankfurt)


with E. Faia (Goethe University Frankfurt)


with I. Angeloni (ECB)


with P. Nunnenkamp & R. Thiele (Kiel Institute)


Working Papers / In Progress

with A. Barth (Goethe University Frankfurt)


with T. Ehlers

BIS Quarterly Review, December 2017, pp. 15 – 22.


with R. Unger (Bundesbank)


with J. Abad (CEMFI), C. Aymanns (Uni St. Gallen), M. D’Errico (UZH), L. Fache Rousová (ECB), P. Hoffmann (ECB), S. Langfield (ESRB), M. Neychev (ESRB) and T. Roukny (MIT)


Frictions in money markets and business models of global banks: evidence from the Japan repo premium

with T. Ehlers and E. Eren (BIS)

Draft available upon request

Market power and regulation in money markets

with T. Ehlers and E. Eren (BIS)

In progress

Policy regimes, bank business models and the risk-taking channel of monetary policy

with K. Park (Bank of Korea)

In progress

Bank solvency and funding costs interactions in a small open economy: Evidence for Korea

with K. Park (Bank of Korea)

In progress (available upon request)

with M. Seiferling (UCL, IMF)



I occasionally contribute with other colleagues to the BIS Quarterly Review Highlights

with T. Ehlers and  E. Eren

BIS Quarterly Review, December 2017, pp. 13 – 14.


BIS Quarterly Review, March 2017, pp. 22 – 23.


with E. Faia (Goethe University), G. Ferrara (BoE), S. Langfield (ECB), Z. Liu (BoE), and T. Ota (Goldman Sachs)


I contributed to the ESRB OP 9 Indirect contagion: the policy problem


with E. Faia (Goethe University Frankfurt)


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