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House of Finance in campus Westend.

I am Ph.D. candidate in economics at the Graduate School of Economics, Finance and Management (GSEFM) at Goethe University Frankfurt. I am also a research assistant at the Chair in Monetary and Fiscal Policy and at the macro-finance group in the Research Center SAFE, located in the House of Finance at the beautiful Westend campus.

My research interests revolve around macroeconomics, systemic risk, interbank networks, financial stability and econometrics. My dissertation is entitled “Financial stability after the crisis: essays on interbank networks and prudential regulation” and I will defend it on 22nd December. For references you can contact Prof. Ester Faia, Ph.D. (main advisor), Ben Craig, Ph.D. and Michael Haliassos, Ph.D. You can find my CV in the CV Section to the left or in pdf here (updated November 2015). I will be available for interviews at the ASSA meetings in San Francisco (3-5 January).

Below you can find a summary of my research (for more details see Research section):

Pre-Ph.D. research: